AOL is FREE! Don't Pay to Hear "You've Got Mail"!

I want to tell you about an unethical business practice going on so that you can pass the information to your friends and family.

I recently discovered that three of my friends have been prey to this deception. They are savvy, frugal, worldly women who had no idea that they have been paying monthly for a service that has been FREE since 2006.

Shout it from the rooftops: AOL email is FREE.

Please, read this nugget, even if you know AOL is free and/or you don't have an AOL email account.  

It all started when I was talking to a friend about how much I like GMAIL for my email accounts.  The friend asked me how much GMAIL costs.  I said gently, "It's free. You're not paying for AOL, are you?"  She explained that she does pay for AOL, but it is worth it to her because she has had her email address forever and doesn't want to give it up.  

I gulped. Every month her credit card has been charged at least $10 a month since 2006 for a FREE service.

Not so long ago, when we all had dial up, AOL charged everyone to use their service to get on the internet. Then broadband came out, and dial up became obsolete.  We didn't need to pay AOL for dial up anymore.  But many people thought that AOL was charging us for our email addresses, so they didn't cancel.

In 2006 AOL announced in a press release that it "will give away all of its services, relying on ad revenue instead of subscriptions. No membership is required for an AOL email account." Some people heard the message, but many, many people didn't.

AOL could clear up this misconception right away by notifying all of their paying subscribers.  But why should they? AOL is earning about $250 million a year from the poor folks who just don't know it's free.

How do they get away with it? They claim that the monthly fee is for 24/7 tech support for their email accounts.  Seriously?  When was the last time you needed tech support to send an email???

Don't assume that your friends and family know about this.  Believe me, my friends were shocked.   After the first friend told me she was paying, I started asking others who have AOL.  I was amazed to discover two more friends.  WOW. That's when I decided that this is nugget-worthy information.

Please go through your address book, and attach this to an email to everyone you know who has an AOL email address.  Or, cut and paste the following into an email:

AOL stopped charging for their services in 2006, but continues to bill subscribers every month until the subscriber calls and cancels the payment. You can still keep your AOL email address. And your family can keep all of their AOL email addresses. IT'S FREE.

Contact AOL. Call 1-800-827-6364 

To cancel your payment without canceling your AOL email address, tell AOL you want to convert from a paid account to a free AOL account. Immediately.

If you complain that you have been paying for several years for a free service, the most they will give you is a credit for two months.  Period. 

Or... go to and click on Manage my Subscriptions. Then go to Change Plan. Select the FREE plan. You won't get a two month credit.

If you decide you just can't do business with AOL after such unscrupulous tactics, set up a FREE account with GMAIL.  It is very easy to use and you can set up your account so that your AOL mail is automatically "fetched" to your GMAIL. 

If you have any questions and need help setting up an account, contact me at
(I don't get paid by GMAIL, I just love the features.)

I promise I won't charge you a monthly fee for the help.

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