I See Gold!

I can't wait to tell you about the nugget I found while gold digging a few weeks ago!

It is SO good that I really thought it was too good to be true, so I had to wait before I could divulge.

Here's how I made the find.....

The last pair of glasses I bought looked great on me and were my favorite pair ever. They were close to $300 for the designer frames, non-glare glass, and my prescription. Of course, I lost them.

I have been wearing an old pair that I don't like, and finally decided I need to replace my glasses. But I did not want to pay even close to what they cost before.

So I started digging. I went to different "discount" opticians and tried on frames and compared prices.  The frames I liked all started at about $80.   Add the cost of my prescription and I was looking at $150 if I was lucky.
So, I looked on line. I found a website called, www.39dollarglasses.com.  Sounds hokey, right?  Who would order glasses from a site like that?

I looked through their extensive variety of really nice frames. I clicked on one that looked very much like the beloved pair I lost. There were several very positive reviews.  (I love reviews, I read them all.) They even showed how the glasses I selected look on certain face shapes.

Should I take the chance?  Of course! I'm a gold digger!

I called my doctor for my prescription. The office faxed it to me.  I went on line to order.  It was SO easy.  The website is very consumer friendly. I had a question about which box to fill in on my prescription, so I called the help line.  After a little wait a helpful woman came on and walked me through it.

I was so excited!  Could this be for real?  Had I really stumbled on cute eyeglasses that only cost a TOTAL of $39? I just knew that during the buying process there would be a catch. I filled out my information, and it gave me a total with shipping. Shipping was only $4.95.

Then I saw a blank for "coupon".  I googled "39dollarglasses.com coupon" and guess what??  Up popped a coupon for $20 off!!!  This can't be happening, I STRUCK GOLD!

I filled in the coupon code, and the total adjusted to $19.00 plus $4.95 shipping. That's $23.95 complete.

I ordered the glasses on a Friday.  The next Wednesday the package was at my door.  Five days over a weekend. Amazing.

I opened the package to find a hard clamshell glasses case (the kind you get from better opticians), and a soft little glasses bag. And a pair of glasses that are very similar, if not identical, to my beloved, expensive glasses.

Here's a link to the ones I ordered: Annie's Glasses 

I have been wearing them non-stop and they are perfect!

I know the biggest question you'll have is, "How did you know those frames would look good on you without trying them on?'  Good question.

Here's what you do.....

Find some glasses you like that look good on you, whether it be at a store or glasses you own. Look at the side arm and see if you can read the little tiny numbers.  The first number may be something like 51, or 55 or something similar. This is the width of the glasses in millimeters. (I have a very small face, so my number is 48.) Then go on www.39dollarglasses.com and click on all of the frames you like. Find the ones that have the same number. It really is that easy.

When ordering, you'll need the numbers from your prescription (you just fill in the blanks, you don't need to scan your prescription).  You'll also be asked to measure the distance between your pupils, or have someone do it for you, and the website explains very clearly how you do that properly.

If you want bifocals or progressive lenses, they can do it for an extra fee.  And, also for an additional charge,  you can add the Transition lenses that turn into sunglasses in bright sunlight.

Here's the link for the coupon I used:  Glasses coupon
If it is expired by the time you order, just enter "39dollarglasses.com coupon" into a search.

That's It!  Now, isn't this a great nugget??


  1. This is by far the best nugget ever! Almost makes me want to order and extra pair of glasses even though I don't need any!

  2. It would be nice to see a picture of your glasses on as you have a small face. Thanks for sharing

  3. Just heard about another discount on line eyeglasses company that has great reviews. The website is http://www.zennioptical.com/

  4. I just ordered my second pair of glasses from 39dollarglasses.com. I updated my prescription and ordered the same frames I got the first time because I LOVE these glasses! Went to retailmenot.com and found a $15 off coupon. Total order including shipping was $28!


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