Mad about Looking Young

I'm crazy about the show "Mad Men."

I love the whole Sixties thing.
The women of Mad Men

I love the fashions, the history, the story lines, and the characters.  I love the constant drinking and smoking, the male chauvinism, the politically incorrect dialog.

I love watching how "back then," a woman's power was determined by how well she used her femininity to entice powerful men. Marilyn. Jackie. Even Grace Kelly, already an iconic movie star, elevated her status when she married Prince Ranier and became Princess Grace.

Sadly, I don't have any nuggets that will bring you a handsome, powerful man. But I do have a nugget that could keep you from looking like you remember when the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.

I love tips--beauty tips, fashion tips, how to save money tips.  Today's nugget is filled with great tips on how not to look old.

You would have to live under a rock to not know that heavy drinking and smoking (like they did in the Sixties) causes premature.... maturing. (sorry, couldn't resist) You can imagine what the beautiful people in Mad Men would look like in 2011! Eugh!

But do you know the very subtle things that you are doing to make you look old?  Do you know that the color of your lipstick can be a dead giveaway to your age?  Is your jewelry young and hip or "old lady?"  You know about "mom jeans," but what else are you wearing that make you look ten years older?

It's all in the book, How Not To Look Old, by Charla Krupp.

This isn't a new book.  It came out a few years ago.  But it is still relevant and very easy to skim for tips. The chapters target a specific area, then end with a very helpful summary of products ("Brilliant Buys") recommended by price (cheap, moderate, expensive).

Now, believe me, I take this book with a grain of salt.  I am not going to rush out and have botox just because Ms. Krupp says I should.  But her before and after pictures are helpful in identifying what is "young and hip" and what is "old lady." I started paying attention to my choices in clothes, make up, and hair color. I started noticing little things about other women that made them look old or young.

If you are in your thirties, don't think you're too young for this book. This is the time in your life when you should be aware of the things you are doing that make you look older. You "thirty somethings" can actually slow down the aging process considerably if you start now to pay attention.

Here's another little nugget I've slid in here....

You can order How Not To Look Old  and the first three seasons of Mad Men SO MUCH CHEAPER on is owned by EBAY, so when someone wants to sell their new or used copies of movies or books, they put it on There is no bartering like on EBAY. The prices vary depending on who is selling and when, so if you don't see what you want at the price you want to pay, just wait a few days.

I bought three seasons of Mad Men on DVD for about $30 (the cost of one season on I can watch, commercial free, anywhere I can play a DVD. When I'm finished, I'll sell to some other person on and get my money back!

You can sell your used books very easily on  The website clearly explains exactly what to do and how to charge for shipping.

You can probably make enough money selling your movies and books on to buy the beauty items in How Not To Get Old! WOW! Then you'll be pretty enough to attract a powerful womanizer who smokes constantly and is always drunk! Don't you just love the Sixties?

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  1. Thanks to this nugget, I found How Not To Look Old on for 75 cents! I love this book, thanks!


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