Digging Black Popcorn

My friend Ellie and I love to go to the movies.

When we used to live in the same city, we would call each other and talk in "movie code."

"Fifteen minutes, K-Mart theater, monster bucket, front-left."  Notice we didn't even say which movie we were seeing. It didn't matter. We knew whatever the other person had selected was just fine.

It was sacrilege to sit in the back on the right. And so was anything smaller than a monster bucket of popcorn, which we would share, no butter, thank-you.

The two of us could really put down some popcorn.  In fact, the movie often was just an added bonus. The real attraction was the popcorn. We even gave preferential treatment to the movie theaters with the best popcorn.

Ellie and I don't live in the same city anymore, so I often go to movies by myself.  But now I go just for the movie, because I found a popcorn that is so exceptionally good, you'll want to curl up with your own monster bucket at home.

If you are a popcorn lover, you are going to love this nugget.

I really felt like I struck gold when I discovered Black Jewell Microwave Popcorn.  It is absolutely the best popcorn I have ever tasted, and believe me, I am a connoisseur when it comes to popcorn.

I wasn't sure why this popcorn was so much better until I did a little digging.

The corn used to make Black Jewell Popcorn is actually black, instead of yellow. When it is popped it turns white.  There are very few hulls left over and the ones that are are crunchy.
Natural Flavor Microwave Popcorn Single Box
According to the website:
Black Jewell kernels are smaller with a tender hull that shatters when it pops. This means you get fewer hulls in your teeth and gums. Fewer hulls mean it is also easier to digest than yellow kernel popcorn. Black Jewell is a very flavorful, crunchy textured popcorn that pops snow white with black centers.

The website also states that the black popcorn has "an extra high amount of antioxidants than other popcorn."

I have had both the Natural and the Butter flavored popcorn.  Both are good, but I prefer the Natural.

The nutritional information is identical for both flavors. There are 3 1/2 servings per bag, with 5 gms of fat per serving and 120 calories. (Are you kidding me? Who eats a third of a bag of popcorn?)

I found Black Jewell Microwave Popcorn in the microwave popcorn section of my grocery. A box of three packages is about $ 5.00. The website offers a convenient form you can fill out if you want to find a retailer in your area. To go directly to the form, click here. Or you can call them at 1-800-948-2302.
I also have been known to order a box of 6 for about $24 on Amazon.com.

I would never condone taking your own popcorn to the movie theater. That is really against the rules.  But if you decide to bring some Black Jewell Microwave Popcorn in that big, designer purse of yours, look for me....front, left.

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  1. Annie,

    Have you ever put a layer of Sno-Caps on your popcorn? Now that's what I am talkin about!



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