My Secret Cleaning and Stain Removing Weapon

I was in the check out line at Home Depot one day buying a bottle of my favorite household cleaner.  I go to Home Depot just to get this cleaner because it is so good at cleaning everything in my house.  A lady in line with me leaned over and said, "Oh, I LOVE that stuff! It's the only thing that gets bad stains out of my grandchildren's clothes!"

Hmmmm.  An amazing household cleaner that also gets stains out of clothes?  Now THAT'S a nugget.....

I used to have a cupboard full of stain removers near my washing machine.  Nothing really worked.  And I also used to have different cleaners for my house-- bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners, special cleaners for removing soap scum, special cleaners for removing oily smudges, blah, blah, blah. Until I discovered Greased Lightning.

Greased Lightning is truly my secret weapon. Greased Lightning Super Strength Cleaner

One spray bottle does it all.  For the house, nothing is better at cleaning every surface.  Just spray and wipe. It doesn't have a strong, chemical smell like a lot of cleaners.  You can quickly spray and wipe up sticky stuff on a kitchen floor, clean off a bathtub ring without scrubbing, or easily remove fingerprints from doors.  For floors, mix 1 cup with a gallon of water. Great for carpet stains.  Great for cleaning grills. Great for shower doors.  Get the picture?

But to me, the BEST use of Greased Lightning is the stain removal from clothes.

Just spray the stain, let it sink in, and spray again.  Wash as usual (cold water is best).  Look at the item before you put it in the dryer.  You may have to spray the spot again with Greased Lightning, and re-wash.
That's it.  Spot gone.

I've used it on a tee shirt that had spaghetti sauce on it, on linen napkins, even a cashmere sweater. I also use it for extra dirty collars and cuffs.  It doesn't take the color out like many stain removers.

I buy it at Home Depot because I buy the big industrial bottle and fill up my small spray bottles. I have also found Greased Lightning at Target, Wal-mart, and Lowe's. Click on this link, Greased Lightning, for their helpful website and a $1.00 off coupon!


  1. wow, whoda thunk it.

  2. We are off to the store to buy some now. I will report back on how it does on toddler stains!


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