A Video from Santa

Stop the presses!

I learned of a wonderful nugget recently that I must share with you.  Thanks to my friend Ellie Mae for sharing it with me.

I don't like to post time sensitive information because I want you to be able to go to Annie's Nuggets any time of the year and find it relevant. However, I will make an  exception for this.  It has to do with Christmas.

If you have friends or children who celebrate Christmas, or if you are close to children who believe in Santa Claus, you've GOT to see this.

Remember the days of writing Santa and getting a letter back in the mail? (Me neither. I'm sure some families did that, mine didn't.)  Back then we didn't have the wonder of the internet and all of the fabulously creative people who develop nuggets for our enjoyment.  And communication with Santa is no exception.

In just a few minutes, you can supply Santa with just a few facts about a child or an adult, and a first class personal video of Santa actually talking to that person will be sent to you or to an email address you provide.  It is so real and personal that a child can't help but answer Santa's questions and be amazed at what Santa knows about him!

I made a sample for you to see so that you get the full effect.  This video was made for adult friends from me.  I had to select where the friends live so I selected Florida.  Now, keep in mind that this was made for adults. The videos for children are much more specific about the child's behavior and what he/she wants for Christmas.  Click on: Annie's Message from Santa

Isn't this fun!  What a great nugget!

Now, before you start, write down what behavior issue each child has been working on, and what the child wants for Christmas. Also, try to have a picture of the child in your computer.

You can also make a video message for families, a friend, or romantic relationship, or a business associate.

Go to www.portablenorthpole.tv 

If you sign up, the site gives you a place where your message can be sent, and all sorts of fun articles about Santa, his reindeer, etc. There is also an iPhone/iPod app.

Who thinks of this stuff?

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