House Guest Nuggets

They say house guests are like fish.  They start to smell after three days.

I happen to like having house guests.  A different kind of relationship evolves with a person who is drinking coffee in your kitchen in his/her jammies.

Because it can be awkward to stay at someone's home, I do my best to make things extra comfortable for my house guests.

After three days, they don't start to smell, but they sure are spoiled......

I am going to share with you some of my favorite "nuggets" for having overnight guests.

You don't have to have a huge house with lots of extra guest rooms to have house guests. Whether they sleep in a king size bed with their own private bath, or on your sofa, you can make their stay enjoyable for both of you.

Guest linens
I ONLY buy white because they are able to be washed with bleach (rinse twice) and always come out sparkling clean.

Bath Towels
When I go to a hotel I love having piles of fresh clean towels.  It feels so indulgent! Your guests will feel the same way if you offer them a stack of fresh white towels.

I look for pure white, fluffy towels. I don't but bath sheets because they are really too big to be practical. You can  find really nice all cotton towels at TJ Maxx and Target. The key is getting towels that match, then, if you need to buy more, your towels are always the same. I never pay more than $10 a piece for nice towels.

Along with the towels, I buy a few of the matching washcloths to use in the shower.  But I also provide a stack of really cheap white washcloths on the bathroom sink.  Those are specifically for removing make up.  Guests really appreciate knowing that they are not going to ruin your nice linens with make up stains.  If the stains don't come out in the laundry, I use the washcloths for cleaning rags.  You can get packages of cheap white washcloths in drugstores or discount stores.

Body Wash
To me, it's all about the smell.  I love really fresh, clean smells in bath products.

I think body wash is much nicer for a guest than soap, especially if they are sharing a bathroom with others.

I have had several male house guests comment about the body wash I always have in the guest bathroom. I am not kidding. How long has it been since a male actually made a comment to you about your body wash???

It is not expensive, smells incredible, and makes your skin soft. It is Softsoap Body Wash Pomegranate and Mango. It smells like a much more expensive product and everyone loves it. I buy it for $3.99 at the grocery, but it is everywhere. 

The Bed
I have found that the key to happy guests is a good nights sleep.

No matter where your guests sleep, you MUST "test" the bed (sofa, rollaway, etc) to see what it's like to spend the night there. You will learn real quickly what you need to do to make it comfortable. When was the last time you slept where you put your guests? 

Whether you are making up the guest bed, or turning the sofa into a bed, your guests will be much more comfortable with comfy, cozy linens.

In my opinion, the best purchase you can make for your guests is a set of high thread count sheets and a hypo-allergenic, fake, also called "alternative," down comforter with a white duvet.  (Again, white means you can bleach it. Plus it looks gorgeous on a bed.)

First, the real down comforters are nice but they are next to impossible to clean effectively. What guest wants to sleep with a comforter that can't be washed, eugh! Second, lots of people are allergic to real down.

You don't have to spend a fortune for sheets and an alternative down comforter with a duvet.  I found a nice comforter at Bed Bath and Beyond for $60 for any size. Target has an elegant white on white cotton duvet for $60-$70 depending on the size.

Hot Tip!!  Buy a comforter one size bigger than your bed.  It will work just fine and you won't regret having the extra room. For a king, compare the dimensions.  I have found a difference of at least six inches in  comforters. Buy the biggest you can find.

Next, while you're in the linen department, pick up (at least) two pillows--one squishy soft, and one firm.  I personally am a squishy soft pillow person and don't understand those who prefer firm pillows. Everyone has their preferences, which is why you need to buy at least two. You really have to feel the pillows to make sure they are nice. You don't have to spend a lot. I have bought pillows for as little as $10 a piece that were wonderful.

These are all little nuggets for making your house guests feel comfortable.  But remember that in order to be a good host, YOU need to feel comfortable too!  So, pick up some of that great body wash for yourself, make sure you have a comfy comforter on your bed, and treat yourself like an honored guest!


  1. How many male houseguests have you had lately? Hmmmm.....

  2. You are a gem! I love treating guests like royalty. I know why you are friends with Ellen and Tina. Birds of a feather.


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