Anti-Anxiety: What's In and Out

My friend B smokes, but she is not a smoker.

After dinner, she quietly goes to her purse, disappears, and finds a private place to smoke one cigarette.

She relishes the relaxing effect the nicotine has on her. She totally enjoys every drag. Smoking puts her in a peaceful mood. During a few short minutes, B's cigarette gives her a calming respite to a stressful day.

But she doesn't want anyone to know.

Smoking is so yesterday.

Back when smoking was allowed on television and in the movies, it was used to show a level of "coolness" and sophistication. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Did anyone mention to Holly Golightly that she smelled bad, or that her hacker's cough was unappealing? Was she concerned about lung cancer?

Smoking is now considered so bad, it has been banned from television.

And yet, over the past month, I have witnessed on TV and in the movies a total acceptance and embracing of masturbation!

Masturbation is the new smoking. Talking about it, being cavalier about it, is now cool.

Recently, a good friend pointed out a shop called Love Boutique and told me that is where she buys all of her sex toys. She might as well have been telling me where she gets her tomatoes. She's much cooler than I am. 

Remember when people said that masturbation caused blindness? Now it's smoking that causes dreadful diseases. Remember when masturbation was something people did shamefully in private? Now people are openly discussing Fifty Shades of Grey, while others (like B) embarrassingly slink off to smoke.

Remember when people smoked when they were nervous or anxious? Nicotine is an incredible sedative. The difference between smoking then and masturbation now is that back then you could smoke at your desk, or around the children, or with your mother-in-law. So if you needed to alleviate your anxiety, you could just light a cigarette.

We have not yet reached a level of acceptance that has allowed us to whip out the old vibrator front of the family. At least, not in front of my family.

I have discovered a wonderful way to help calm you, help you sleep better, and give you a nice feeling of peace without making you go blind or give you lung cancer. And you can use it in front of your mother-in-law. (In fact, you should tell your mother-in-law about it!).

You don't need a prescription and it is not addictive.

It is called L-Theanine.

I was first introduced to L-Theanine by my doctor. I was complaining about feeling anxious and, well, "bitchy," due to hormone imbalance. She recommended that I take 100mgs of L-Theanine two times a day, at 10:00am and around 2:00pm. She said if that isn't effective, I can raise the dosage to 200mgs twice a day.

She advised me to buy a good brand, and look for a company that uses the Suntheanine brand.
I don't like taking drugs and I sure didn't want anything that was going to make me loopy. She assured me that L-Theanine is made of the main ingredient in green tea, only much more concentrated.

At first I didn't really notice anything, but I took it for about a week. Then I went off of it. I started feeling anxious. I saw the difference between taking the L-Theanine, and not taking it. Believe me, it works.

I now take it as needed. I took it just before I gave a talk in front of a huge audience, and I was as calm as if I were talking to a good friend.

I take it in the middle of the night when my mind just won't shut off.

I take it before any potentially stressful situation.  I often take it before bed to help me sleep.

I have recommended L-Theanine to many people. They always thank me for turning them on to this amazing product.

At first I bought L-Theanine in 100mg capsules. Now I buy the 200mg capsules because I know that dose is effective for me. I buy the Source Naturals brand from for about $15.00 for 60 capsules. I also like the Enzymatic Therapy brand.

I have to admit, I used to smoke. I used to LOVE to smoke. Nicotine was definitely my drug of choice. It had an amazing calming effect on me. 

But that was so yesterday. Today I have L-Theanine. And whatever I can find at the Love Boutique.

To order 200mg Source Naturals L-Theanine from Vitacost, click here.
To order L-Theanine from, click here.

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  1. Annie, I really appreciated the L-Theanine scoop. It takes the edge off when I am super stressed out. Thank you!


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