About Annie

Writer, researcher, compulsive bargain hunter, gold digger.

I am your best friend who always tells you about great "finds" that you don't have time to discover on your own.

I love that "eureka!" moment when I discover something, and it exceeds expectations. It can be a product, an idea, a place, a tip, a recipe, a better way of doing something. I call these discoveries, "nuggets".

Sometimes I stumble on nuggets through word of mouth. Most of the time I find them by doing hours and hours of research that my readers don't have time to do.

When I find a potential nugget, I use it myself. I will only write about something if it still excites me even after the honeymoon period.

Nuggets can be bargains or they can relatively expensive. But no matter how much they cost, they have to exceed expectations in order to be a nugget. A find. A diamond in the rough, so to speak.

That being said, the ideal nugget is something that is very inexpensive (cheap) and over delivers. Those are the piece de la resistance, the creme de la creme of nuggets.  

I love it when readers share their nuggets with me. I don't write about anything I haven't personally experienced, so please don't be hurt if I don't write about your nugget right away.  I also don't accept any payments for writing about a product.

If you enjoying reading about my nuggets, please forward to friends and spread the word.


P.S. You might notice that none of my posts are dated. I write each nugget so that they are relevant whenever you read them. I also update links, prices, and information regularly so that every one of my nuggets is current.

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