Beauty is Only Skin Deep

You can spend a lot of money on expensive make up, facials, botox, and plastic surgery, but the best way to have beautiful skin is really easy and inexpensive. In fact. it's so easy and inexpensive that most people don't bother with it. You will love your skin so much after using this nugget that you'll write to me after a month to thank me for your gorgeous skin!

Here's the secret: Clean (I mean, REALLY clean) and moisturize. Often.

Don't stop reading because you think you know everything there is to know on this subject.  Make an early resolution that you are going to be open to a new way of taking care of your skin. You can buy expensive make up but why cover up? Wouldn't you rather have clear, glowing skin?

This is my number one favorite beauty item. Use this regularly and you won't have to spend a ton of money on make up.

Clarisonic Skin Care System

Click on the link for a retailer near you. The Mia is a little cheaper, but you can select what features you like for the price. You may be able to find it cheaper on Ebay or Amazon, but if you buy from an unauthorized retailer the product is not under warranty.

CLICK HERE to buy it on Amazon

I can't tell you how much this will change your skin.  You have to see it for yourself.  I was skeptical.  I wouldn't buy one for myself so I asked for one for Christmas a few years ago.  The Clarisonic makes all of your other products work better.  The Clarisonic tightens and brightens your skin and makes you look like you have had a little work done! The Clarisonic smooths your skin so well that when you put your make up on it lays nicely on your skin instead of caking in your cracks and crevices. And it only takes 2 minutes a day!

Use a minimum of 3x per week but 2x a day is preferable. It is waterproof so you can take it into the shower with you, which makes it very convenient to include your neck and chest area.  Always follow with a good cream afterward.

Don't get cheap on me and settle for the Clarisonic copies you can buy at the drugstore. I know $200 is steep, but you have to trust me on this one.  Clarisonic also offers a smaller, portable version called the Mia.  It only comes with the sensitive brush and I am afraid unless you have extremely delicate skin you will "outgrow" it very quickly.

I had a friend whose husband gave her a Clarisonic for Christmas.  She took it back to Sephora because she said she would never use it because she "doesn't have time". This is a woman who tans, gets her nails done, and spends a fortune on good make up and expensive creams.  I wonder how much time and money she would have saved if she had just kept that Clarisonic and had beautiful, smooth, glowing skin.

Another friend said she got a Clarisonic and used it for a few months and then got "out of the habit". She said she couldn't recommend buying one because she got tired of it.  Hmmm, we're talking 2 minutes a day for the best skin since you were pre-pubescent.  It doesn't jump off of the counter and clean your face by itself, girls!

I also read a review from a beauty expert on line who thought the Clarisonic was not worth it. She was 30 years old.  Let's wait ten years and see if she changes her mind....

How you use it.....

Okay, so you've run out and bought the Clarisonic and now you don't know what to do with it. Let me help you.

First, charge it.

You can start with the sensitive skin brush, but, frankly, many of my friends went straight to the normal brush with no problem. It comes with a timer that beeps at 20 seconds twice and then at 10 seconds twice. I use the 20 seconds on each side of my face and the 10 second interval to clean my forehead and chin/mouth area.
If I use it in the shower I go another minute and use it on my neck and chest.

It comes with cleanser.  When it ran out, I used basic Cetaphil or Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash from the drugstore. (about $6-$10)

Do you have a Clarisonic or do you have questions about it?  Post in the "comments" below.


  1. I love my Clarisonic and use it 5 times a week or so. Makes your skin noticeably softer. Bought it on E-bay for $130 with free shipping and no tax! Thanks Annie

  2. I love my Clarisonic as well. The extra 2 minutes in the morning is well worth the effort for the difference it makes in how my face looks!

  3. Hi. Did yours come with a sensitive brush and a normal brush too?

    1. Yes, but I never used the sensitive brush. I know many people say to start with the sensitive brush, but my skin was fine with the normal one from the beginning. I love my Clarisonic!

    2. Hey Annie - Thanks for the fast reply....when I click on your link to Amazon...I can't see that it says it comes with a normal brush as well...only the sensitive?

    3. I bought mine a few years ago when there was only one model. Then they came out with the Mia, which was smaller and cost about half of the original. Then the Aria came out. The Amazon link goes to the Aria, which is the closest one to mine. The following link should show you all of the different models and the features of each. Good luck! I hope you find the one that is perfect for you!


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