Give a Paris Morning

I have a great gift suggestion for you.

You can send it to just about anyone.  It is wonderful to give to clients, your mother, your brother in Iowa, or your neighbors.  It is appreciated as a hostess gift. It's great for new parents. It is a nice thank you gift. It is not expensive.  Everyone loves it.  I even sent it to myself!

I love France.  One of my favorite things to do in Paris is to sit in a cafe, drink espresso, and savor every morsel of a fresh croissant--as only the French can make.  I pull apart the flaky, irresistible layers and make the experience last as long as I can.  Why, oh why, mon cheri, can we not enjoy croissants like this in the States?

We can!

Just go on line and order the French croissants by Williams Sonoma.
If you don't want to go on line, call them at 877-812-6235.

The plain croissants are huge and come 15 to a box for $39.99. Or for the same size, same price, you can order them with yummy dark chocolate inside. If you want both, you can order an assortment of 30 of the plain and chocolate for $72.00.

You can also get the mini croissants (they really aren't that mini) with 24 to a box, also for $39.99.

The croissants are so good and fresh because you bake them at home.  They arrive frozen.  You leave them out overnight to rise.  In the morning, you stick them in the oven, and in minutes you have melt-in-your-mouth croissants.

Perfect for Christmas morning.  Or birthday morning.  Or anniversary morning. Or a "gee, I wish I were in Paris" morning.

Now, if I just had a view of the Eiffel Tower from my kitchen.....

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