Enchanting Fairy Books

I was in Paris one year with my friend Cheri (yes, that's her real name). We went to a beautiful museum in an old house. In the museum gift shop, Cheri bought an unusual children's book.  The first part of the book was a short story about a party in a castle. When you open the book all the way so that the front cover meets the back cover, the book becomes the most exquisite, elaborate doll house castle.

I have seen pop up books before.  But nothing like this. This book was truly a work of art.

The detail was spectacular.  Every cut out, every drawing-- from stairs, to a ballroom, to secret doors, closets where clothes can hang on paper hangers--was so intricate, so delicate, so fascinating.  There were also fairies, princesses, babies, dancers, and other characters for hours of make believe.

The amount of detail was so amazing, that I would have thought this book would cost a fortune.  But Cheri bought it for about $25.  Expensive for a children's book, but believe me, this was no ordinary book.

Years later, the special book haunted me. Why hadn't I bought one when I had the chance?

Then a precious little girl came into my life, and I knew I had to give her that book.  So I started searching......

I found it!  And you who have special little girls in your life are going to squeal with joy when you see this!

Not only did I find the exact English version of the book that Cheri bought in Paris, I found a whole set of similar books by the same authors.

The books are by Maggie Bateson, the author, and Louise Comfort, the illustrator. Louise Comfort is a well known illustrator known as 'the queen of fairy publishing." (Sorry Disney, this chick knows her fairies.)

Why don't more people know about these treasures?  They are true nuggets!
I found several different books available at Amazon.  I also found two new books at Barnes and Noble.  (These links go straight to the Bateson/Comfort pop-up books.)  They are about $25.
I bought My Fairy Princess Palace, and My Fairy Treehouse.  In My Fairy Treehouse, when the covers are opened all the way and tied together with the attached ribbon, a full dimensional tree house opens.  There are punch out little fairies that can play in the two story enchanted tree house. The tree house has two floors and eight rooms. Doors open and close, the swing moves, and there are secret compartments. You really have to see it to appreciate it!

I have read about children enjoying these books from age 2 until whenever. I gave it to two little girls, ages 3 and 7, and both adore it. My only caution is to be sure the child is able to be gentle with it.  It is all made out of paper cut outs and some kids enjoy tearing up paper things.

Below are pictures of some of the other books. If you are in Paris, stop by the Jaquemart-Andre Museum and pick up a copy in French. The museum itself is a nugget for another day.


  1. Thank you so much for this great nugget! I bought one of these books for my granddaughter, and it is the most beautiful book I've ever seen! These will be future gifts for all of the little girls in my life. A great nugget, Annie!

    1. Thanks for your comments. Every book is a work of art. So glad you like them!


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