Slow Computer? Speed it up!

It's time you and I had a talk.....about your computer.

The biggest problem people have with their computers is they become slow. I hear many people say they need a new computer because theirs is so slow. They take their computer to a place that sells computers, and the tech guys say, "Yep, you need a new computer, all right!" Well, what did you think they were going to say?? They SELL computers!

Most likely you don't need a new computer, you just need to make some basic adjustments. I have some easy nuggets that will speed things up.  Trust me.

There are great free programs that are very easy to download that can speed up your computer, protect your computer, and generally make your life easier. Did I say FREE and EASY?

Don't panic. I know you're not a "techie." We will take this slowly, one nugget at a time.....

The logo to the left is the symbol for Internet Explorer.  It is usually what you click on to get on line.  It is called your browser, because you are able to "browse" the internet with it.

There are other browsers, but your computer probably came with Internet Explorer.  Unfortunately, it is not a very fast browser.

One way to speed up your computer is to use a different browser.  This is very easy.  It will not remove Internet Explorer from your computer, but will give you another browser to use that is faster than IE. You can always go back to IE. None of your "stuff" will be affected. I promise.

The browser I've been using is called Google Chrome.  I sometimes go back to IE, but Chrome is so much faster that I get frustrated with IE. Some other browsers are called Firefox, Safari, Opera.

This is how you download Chrome:                

Click on  this link Google Chrome
Click on Download

 Set Google Chrome as my default browser
Google Chrome

That's it!  Wasn't difficult at all! Now every time you get on the internet you can use Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.

See, it really isn't different from IE, except pages load quickly.  Try using it for a few days and if you just can't deal with the change, you can always click on the IE symbol and change the default browser back to Internet Explorer.

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  1. I am computer impaired. Thank you for the help Annie.


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